powerpivotpro.com, going on two million

The PowerPivotPro Google Analytics data really tells the story of the company. Starting from scratch in 2010 we’ve connected with close to 2 million users over the last 6 years, and we’ve done it all by giving away our best advice, for free. Thank you internet. 🙂

We’ve been very fortunate that Rob, Avi, and many others have developed great content that’s connected with the emerging Power Pivot community, and with that first two million on the horizon we’re starting to have this conversation …

How are we going to connect with the next two million Power Pivot users?

The question brings a lot of focus to one of our goals of empowering every Excel analyst to get to the next level with Power Pivot & Power Query. It’s not a small goal but we’ve taken a big step and built a platform that’s going to let us get there.

Moving into Q4 this year we’re going into a new phase of hustle mode and bringing in some new talents to help us engage with more people on the Power Pivot & Power BI journey. Look forward to sharing more later. 🙂

Austin is VP of Operations & Growth at PowerPivotPro — check us out http://www.powerpivotpro.com

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