four weeks of content hustle

I’ve been asking people on my PowerPivotPro team what / how much content we should be putting out on the web. I didn’t get the answers I wanted (i.e. “one thoughtful piece a week” was a common answer). My gut instinct is that if we’ve got valuable or entertaining things to say then we can share more often, we can share everyday. What’s beautiful about social media is that you put yourself out there (for just the cost of hustle) and everyone else decides if what you have to say is valuable. If you’re just producing noise then over time you’re gonna get crickets in response — same goes for your business.

So last week I decided I was going to do four weeks of everyday content creation, over the month of August. Here’s where I threw it down on our team Slack channel:

posted on July 31, 2016

And what do I get in my email the next day on August 1? A message from Gary Vaynerchuk. Is this a security breach, something in the water, the zeitgeist?

Whatever it is, it just felt right. I saw Gary speak in Birmingham a few weeks ago at SlossTech. How would I sum up that talk and everything I’ve seen about Gary Vaynerchuk? Authenticity. That’s a trait that means a lot to me. Here’s the link for the talk if you’re interested (LINK).

I don’t claim to be currently operating at my full hustle potential but that’s where I’m headed, and if you’re headed there too then cheers to us. Not sure if I have a month’s worth of valuable things to say but not for me to worry about, you’ll be the judge.

Austin is VP of Operations & Growth at PowerPivotPro — check us out

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